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Only Human

Why do we bother trying for
Perfection when there's so much more
that lies within a mortal's reach
and has a little bit to teach
about acceptance of the rest
and only being second best?

Because we're human, looking up
and striving toward the Golden Cup
of Champions, and the cheering sound
that follows a triumphant bound,
until the jumper's tragic fall -
We're only human, after all.

Torn Apart

A very frustrated Italian sonnet

To best describe my situation here:
It feels like I am tied up in a knot
Contorted into far too tight a spot
And trying desperately to shed a tear
But choosing not to do so out of fear
or something else that clearly means a lot
But all the same leaves me to waste and rot
away as I doubt all that I hold dear.
Now that you've heard me out (it's quite a task)
And seen the worst of my predicament
There's one big question that I have to ask:
If all that's meant is true and all true's meant,
Is it just me or it is just my heart
that's being very slowly torn apart?

More to come soon!

(c) Jeff Kessler 2001-2002