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The Halloween section of my site. I am quite enthusiastic about the holiday, and I have built and created a lot of stuff that, in my opinion, is entertaining enough to take a look at. I (will) have photos of my Halloween parties and Haunted Houses, as well as how-to pages on some of the props I've designed and/or built over the years.

Long Island HyperLan, an ongoing project of my friends. Their end goal is to organize and host the first ever large-scale LAN party on Long Island, and donating the profit to charity. They've done a great job contacting sponsors and publicizing the idea, but they have not yet settled on a location or date. Visit their well-designed page and see what they're up to.

Danny Colascione's low bandwidth-friendly, but still cool-looking, personal site. Danny is a super guy - he helped me a great deal with the idiosyncracies of HTML as interpreted by several browsers. He has some worthwhile content on his site, including some good writing and a countdown until the end of the school year. He also has some interesting quotes, and updates his site often enough to keep it interesting.

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