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JeffSpace: Halloween: Props

Come One, Come All...
      ...Step right up for the real adventure - well, the non-fictional one, at least. Half the fun in the process of making my friends scream is the design and construction that goes into the individual devices of dread for them and delight for me. No, I'm not some sick breed of sadist. Rather, I'm a clever (in my obviously humble opinion :-) kid who likes three things: building things that move, making them look good, and using them to create an adventure for others.
      From one perspective, the finished products are many, and the process of making each one is (or will be) described in this section. From another perspective, the finished product is but one: the Haunt. That's in another section - click "Haunts" on the menu at the left. And if it's not there yet - I'm just a kid, with lots of other stuff to do! Have mercy! :-)
      Anyway, enjoy my little illustrated narratives of Halloween prop construction. And remember, Should you choose to follow my guidelines to build any of the props on this website, you do so at your own risk and I assume no responsibility whatsoever! If you doubt your own capabilities, ask a competent grown-up for help! ( That applies to people of all ages :-) Finally, if you have any questions, please email me. I love helping people who want to be like me! So...