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JeffSpace: Halloween

Welcome to October...
      ...or at least my year-round version. I can't say Halloween is my favorite holiday, because I don't consider it a holiday - to me, halloween is a year-round event, culminating on October 31. Short of an obsession but more than a hobby, my interest with Halloween is somewhat rare among high school students.
      I'm interested in two aspects of Halloween - costumes, and more prominently, haunting. Haunt construction, that is. I made my mom turn me into a werewolf in third grade, and I had my first halloween costume party in seventh grade - four years ago. Since it took place in the basement, 2 friends and I decided to use some stuff lying around - a couple of strobelights, blacklights and a cheap karaoke machine - to scare the people coming down the stairs. It was lots of fun, so the next year, we expanded our mini-haunt, and it's grown each year since then.
      On this site, I will show & tell about my past Halloweens, from costumes to parties to plans for the future. I'll post party pictures from the last 2 years, a virtual tour from last year's "Haunted Garage" and, of course, a behind-the scenes tour explaining how I built everything. I also plan to post pictures of the things I construct this year as I build them, and of course, a virtual tour of the final product!