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Universal Orlando: August 2002

Dad, Matt, and Mom at our beautiful hotel, the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando. This was definitely the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in, and the nicest family I've ever stayed with!

The photographer has to be in some of the photos... This is me in the shirt I got at the Universal Studios store and the shark tooth necklace I got at the hotel store. Notice the nice tan, ignore the geeky pose.

The view looking out the window from our hotel room. It speaks for itself.

These water taxis were how we got from the hotel to CityWalk and back. From CityWalk, it's a one-minute walk to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

This is the hotel's courtyard, surrounded by the main lobby and a restaurant. I told you the hotel was cool!

Looking down and to the right from the previous shot, you can see the fountains in the courtyard, which was surrounded by glass.

And looking down and to the left this time, you can see the beautiful pathway around the courtyard.

This is the view looking out from the hotel's water taxi dock. The two towers are Doctor Doom's FearFall (I think that's a trademark of Universal), and if you look closely you can see the Hulk Coaster poking out of the trees.

Panning left from the previous picture, this seaplane was in the lake by the water taxi dock. It was fake but really cool.

And panning right, this is the coast of the lake right by the dock. It was so nice that I just had to take a picture.

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